9 Times to Use Footsteps2Brilliance When You Don't Have Time

August 11, 2021
9 Times to Use Footsteps2Brilliance When You Don't Have Time

Reading with your child daily is one of the most important things you can do to help prepare them for school. It provides them a base for language development, vocabulary exposure, and imagination. But we know day-to-day life can be busy, and sometimes you may not have the time to sit and read with your child. While you are stuck with other obligations, is there a way to make sure you are reaching your child educationally?Since Footsteps2Brilliance can be accessed on any mobile device, you can use the program anytime, anywhere. Read on to find 9 times Footsteps2Brilliance can be used to help your child get in those 15 minutes of reading even when you feel there is no time! Don't have a Footsteps2Brilliance account yet? Register for free at OsceolaReads.com!

While waiting for the bus, build sight word recognition using Whack-a-Word!

use Footsteps2Brilliance waiting for the bus

When waiting at doctor's appointments, read about another doctor in Otto the Octopus.

read with Footsteps2Brilliance waiting for doctor

When cooking dinner, create a story in My Journal!

write in your journal on Footsteps2Brilliance waiting for dinner

During trips to the grocery store, work on sorting in Classy Classifications.

sorting with footsteps2brilliance at the grocercy

While waiting for the bathtub to fill with water, read how Cabo stays clean in Cabo the Cat!

read on footsteps2brilliance while waiting for the bath

During halftime at a game, build sequencing skills with Order Up!

sequence with footsteps2brilliance at halftime of a game

When looking for a way to keep your child engaged, practice letter sequencing with A-Mazed!

sequence on footsteps2brilliance when looking to engage

While finishing up household chores, work on ending sounds with Rhyme Slime!

rhyme with footsteps2brilliance during household chores

During car rides, long or short, enjoy a nursery rhyme in the Nursery Rhyme Karaoke library!

nursery rhymes on footsteps2brilliance during car rides

Even though these are all times that you feel you may be preoccupied with other obligations, they are the perfect example of times your child can be reading and engaging with activities independently to prepare them for the classroom! Try using Footsteps2Brilliance during one of these times today.

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