VPK Reading Relay

Osceola Reads VPK reading relay

What is it?

The VPK Reading Relay Challenge encourages classrooms across Osceola County to read and track their progress using Beanstack. Teachers can register their class and track their classroom’s progress!

Not sure what Beanstack is? We’re here to help!

Learn More about Beanstack

Once you are all signed up for Beanstack, here is how you can register for challenges: 

  1. Log into your Beanstack account using the login page or the mobile app 
  2. Click “Challenges” on the navigation bar
  3. Scroll down to the list of challenges available to you
  4. Click Osceola Reads’ VPK Reading Relay
  5. Click “Join Challenge”

How to create a group for your classroom: 

  1. Create an account using the Osceola County Library Login Page
  2. Click Register a Class or Group 
  3. Either create your Class or Group individually or all at one time
  4. Fill out the information needed for Group Information and Your Information
    - Please name the group as either ELC or SDOC based on your school followed by your classroom name; for example,"ELC - Crystal Ruiz's Classroom" or "SDOC - Crystal Ruiz's Classroom"
  5. If your school is not listed just let us know at info@osceolareads.com to add it in. But don’t worry you can still register your class under your name and it will not affect your data
  6. Once your account is all set up just click the Osceola Reads VPK Reading Relay Challenge to register

Who is it for?

Students in VPK classes in Osceola County.

When will it take place?

October 8 - October 22

During this time, the Osceola Reads Team will be looking for the class with the highest overall usage on Beanstack. The class with the overall highest average usage per student will receive a special prize for the whole class.

Where will it take place?

The best thing about our reading challenges is they can happen anywhere! Your child can read anywhere and log on at school or outside of school hours using Beanstack!

Why should our school participate?

We know that early reading plays a big role in future reading and school success, so we are looking to help create a community of readers! Promoting reading with families will model the importance of literacy.

How to get started?

Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know, start reading and track your progress on Beanstack! Since we are awarding prizes for specific periods of usage, you can enter the contest at any time for the chance to be eligible to win.

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