5 Books About Being Thankful from Osceola Reads

February 22, 2024
5 Books About Being Thankful from Osceola Reads
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Thankful, grateful, appreciative. No matter which word you use to show gratitude, we know that it is important to teach this lesson to children at a young age. This is often one of the phrases we teach our children, sometimes even beginning with sign language.For the team at Osceola Reads, our favorite way to teach any lesson is through children’s books. When using literature to teach and enforce important life lessons, you are providing the recommended 15 minutes of reading, as well as making connections to text and building healthy relationships with books through read-alouds.Here are five books about gratitude to share with young readers recommended by the Osceola Reads team:

Splat Says Thank You, by Rob Scotton

Celebrating friendship and all the ways Splat is thankful for his little mouse friend, Seymour, this book within a book celebrates friendships of all shapes and sizes.*Available for checkout at Osceola Library System or view read-aloud on YouTube

Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, by William Steig

Sylvester, the donkey, finds a magic pebble and makes a wish with unintended consequences. Sylvester reunites with his family and is gracious for those who love him. A reminder for everyone to be thankful for their family, with a dose of talking animals and magic.*Available for checkout at Osceola Library System or view read-aloud on YouTube

Bear Says Thanks, by Karma Wilson, illustrated by Jane Chapman

Bear wants to thank all his animal friends with a big dinner, but he finds his cupboards bare when the time comes. Nevertheless, his friends assure him his presence is a present, and they are grateful to spend a meal with him. It is a great reminder that we all have something to offer, and we should be thankful for others’ actions, not just gifts.*Available for checkout at Osceola Library System or view read-aloud on YouTube

Being Thankful, by Mercer Mayer

In Being Thankful, Little Critter isn't getting anything he wants. But on a trip to the farm, Grandma shows Little Critter why thankfulness is so important and helps make any situation seem so much happier.*Available as a read-aloud on YouTube

The Most Thankful Thing, by Lisa McCourt

This heartwarming picture book reveals what every parent is most thankful for. A perfect bedtime story for every day -- and especially for Thanksgiving!*Available as a read-aloud on YouTube

Read-Aloud Quick Tips

  • Take advantage of illustrations. Picture books provide ample opportunities for children to better understand what is going on in the story and make connections to their own lives.
  • Reading time doesn’t have to be a quiet time. Ask questions and talk about what is going on in the book.
  • Make reading a habit. Reading 15 minutes every day has countless academic and developmental benefits.

Remember, time spent reading is time well spent.

Snap a picture of your family sharing one of our recommendations (or let us know your favorite book to teach thankfulness) and share it with us on social media using #OsceolaReads.Looking for even more books to enjoy as a family or other reading resources? Visit our Parent Resources page!


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