Best Books to Read During the Olympics

April 22, 2024
Best Books to Read During the Olympics

Best Books to Read During the Olympics 

Team USA has already made its way to Tokyo, Japan, to represent our nation and go for the gold! Between golfing, archery, and beach volleyball, there will be so much to watch during the Summer Olympics. We gathered some of our favorite books about the Summer Olympic Games, which would be perfect for 15 minutes of reading. All of these books can be found at Osceola County libraries! 

The Golden Girls of Rio by Nikkolas Smith

The last Summer Olympic Games held in Rio were groundbreaking for American women. Between gymnastics, swimming, and shot put, the women of Team USA showed how strong they truly are. This is the story of how very different women from very different backgrounds became the premier athletes of today.

The Wildest Race Ever: The Story of the 1904 Olympic Marathon by Meghan McCarthy 

In 1904, St. Louis was home to America’s First Olympics and the wildest and wacky marathon. Of the forty-two racers registered, thirty-two showed up. Of the three racers vying for the finish line, one drove part of the way, one was helped by his trainers, and one was a postman who traveled from Cuba and ran in street clothes that she cut off to look like shorts. Find out who wins in the historic Olympic Marathon of 1904!   

Curious George and the Summer Games by H. A. Rey 

George is excited about the annual Summer Olympic Games field day and wants to join in on the fun. Journey with Curious George as he finds out the perfect Summer Game for a monkey. Once he finds the perfect fit, it’s all about practice and making this the best Summer Olympic Games yet!

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