Best Fall Children's Books to Actually Read this Season

April 22, 2024
Best Fall Children's Books to Actually Read this Season

It’s officially the fall season! We may not see leaves change in Florida, but it doesn't mean we can't have that fall feeling. Get into the season with a great kids book and complete your little reader’s 15 minutes of reading. To get you started, Osceola Reads has gathered a book list of the best fall children’s books to read this season. 

Sophie’s Squash by Pat Zietlow Miller and Anne Wilsdorf  

After Sophie and her family visit the farmer’s market, she insists that the squash her mom buys is a friend - not food. Her family tries to explain her squash, Bernice, may not last as Sophie brings her everywhere. She soon realizes she’s in trouble when Bernice starts to get soft and squishy. 

The Shadow in the Moon by Christina Matula 

It's mid-autumn, and two sisters and their grandmother celebrate a popular Chinese holiday! The mooncakes are the best part, along with Ah-ma’s stories of ancient Chinese tales. One tale follows Hou Yi, a brave archer who is rewarded with a magic potion that could let him live in the sky forever. The sisters love this story and soon learn their favorite treat is a symbol of this legend’s bravest soul. 

Bella’s Fall Coat by Lynn Plourde 

Balla loves fall! Her favorite thing about the season is her beautiful coat made by her Grams. But her coat doesn’t fit the same this year. She is so sad until Grams shows her new ways to use her old coat while making a new one using autumn leaves colors. 

The Very Last Leaf by Stef Wade

As the brightest leaf in his tree school, Lance Cottonwood, is terrified of his final test - falling! Will he be able to do it? Follow Lance as he builds confidence as the time comes and how he will overcome his fear. 

Mouse Loves Fall by Lauren Thompson

The leaves are changing, and it’s officially fall! Mouse and Minka are so excited to play outside and experience it all. Have your little reader follow the colors, numbers, and adjectives as these two friends jump in the leaves. 

All these books can be found at your local Osceola County Library.  So head to the nearest library branch and pick up these fall favorites and a few more. Remember, with reading 15 minutes a day, your child will be reading 5,475 minutes each year. That’s some serious reading! 

Be sure to log your time on Beanstack and prep for our Winter Break Reading Challenge starting December 19!

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