Inspiring Little Readers: Children's Books Celebrating Asian Pacific Heritage Month

August 8, 2023
Inspiring Little Readers: Children's Books Celebrating Asian Pacific Heritage Month

Asian Pacific Heritage Month is celebrated in May every year and is a great way to celebrate Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States. This is an excellent opportunity to educate our little readers about the culture, history, and contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Below is our list of books that we know you and your little one will love and can be checked out next time you visit your local Osceola County Library branch to celebrate!

Usha and the Big Digger by Amitha Jagannath Knight

This bilingual book follows Usha and Aarti as they look at the stars and describe the different things they see. Aarti sees the Big Dipper, but Usha sees the Big DIGGER. Can they all be right? This book shows your little reader different ways math is used to play and discover the world around them. What new constellations will your family see next time you look at the night sky?   

Tigers at Twilight by Mary Pope Osborne

What happens when Jack and Annie are swept away to a forest in India? They find tigers in trouble! Poachers trap these tigers, and Jack and Annie need to find a way to help. They face some challenges along the way, but hopefully, the tigers stay calm. 

Mulan by Stevie Stack

This bilingual book is based on the Disney ™ classic Mulan. To prevent her father from being sent to war, Mulan disguises herself as a man to join the Chinese army. Can she learn how to fight alongside her fellow recruits without anyone noticing? See the friends she makes along the way to save China and bring honor to us all. 

Max Celebrates Chinese New Year by Adria F. Klein

Max loves to help his friends! This time he is helping Lilly celebrate the Chinese New Year. There are flowers, oranges, and special candy that are all part of the fun! Is there anything missing? Follow Max throughout the celebration that takes place every February and see all the fun ways to celebrate. 

Luna’s Yum Yum Dim Sum by Natasha Yim

It’s Luna’s birthday, and it’s time to celebrate. Her family takes her to dim sum, but she and her brothers don’t know how to share their pork buns fairly. How can three people divide up five pork buns? Use fractions and division to discover new ways your little reader can use math daily. 

These Asian Pacific heritage books may be some of our favorites, but there are more books you can read this month! With five library branches located throughout Osceola County, the Osceola County library has more books you can check out to celebrate. Make sure to log your child’s minutes and books in Beanstack for special rewards, and if you aren’t signed up already, you can do so right on the Osceola County library’s website!

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