6 Osceola Library Resources to build Literacy Skills

April 5, 2023
6 Osceola Library Resources to build Literacy Skills

Literacy skills are vital for your little reader’s development, especially as they prepare for kindergarten. Here at Osceola Reads, we want to share literacy resources available for you and your family to create that bond. The Osceola Library System allows your little reader to grow their literacy skills and create memories over fun activities. 

Phonics Kits 

Improve early literacy skills for your little reader with the library’s Phonics Kit! Kits include 25 selected books based on your child's reading level. Check out kits in both English and Spanish, or place one of them on hold online for pickup by using your library card. 

Launch Pads 

For children pre-k through eighth grade, the Osceola Library offers Launchpads for checkout. Each launchpad is a tablet preloaded with interactive ways to learn letters, words, numbers, and life skills. Use your library card to boost your child’s literacy development or place one on hold online for pickup. 

AWE Workstations 

While hanging out at the library, your little reader can check out the AWE Workstations. The educational computers feature English and Spanish (plus French at St. Cloud Library) science, technology, reading, art, and math programs. Check out the workstation on your next visit! 


The School District of Osceola County’s READ Bus teaches guardians how to promote literacy at home. There are fun activities, crafts, games, and exercises that get your little reader engaged while developing critical literacy and life skills. For ages 3-4, the READ Bus has three sessions a day, and the renovated yellow bus stops at your local library branch during the week. 

Take a peak inside the READ Bus on our Instagram! 


The School District of Osceola County offers the Learn2Read program at your local Osceola Library branch. For ages 0-2, you and your child can bond while learning ‘how-to’ techniques to develop valuable literacy skills before they attend school. Find the program at your local branch on different days of the week. 

1000 Books before Kindergarten

It may seem like a lot, but your little reader is up for the challenge! Have your little reader establish strong early literacy skills by checking out a book for 15 minutes of reading a day. Before you know it, with 15 minutes a day your little reader will read 1000 books before kindergarten. Sign up for the challenge on beanstack

Practicing literacy skills and bonding with your little reader will develop their skills and create memories that will last forever. On your next visit to Osceola Library, set some time to check out some of these amazing literacy programs and activities. Remember to also check out our Parent Resources page for other free literacy activities you can complete right at home.


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