Sponsor a Station

Sponsor a technology table placed in areas of need throughout our community!

What is a Sponsor the Station Program?

Businesses, organizations, or individuals in the community have the unique opportunity to sponsor a technology table placed in areas of need throughout our community.

These locations can include hospitals, community organizations, churches, or other locations where children and families could benefit from this free resource.

What does the Sponsor a Station Program include?

For a total of $1,900, the program includes one Osceola Reads station with YOUR logo on it!

Each station consists of a two-person technology table and 2 chairs/stools branded with information on accessing the app and registering for the program.

2 iPads to be used for the station, as well as Apple Care for those iPads.

Mobile device management software.

Social media promotion of your partnership on the Osceola Reads social channels and inclusion as a community partner on our website.

Two children at a technology table using an iPad

Sponsor a Station!

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