How Can I Prepare My Child for Kindergarten in Osceola County?

April 5, 2023
How Can I Prepare My Child for Kindergarten in Osceola County?

The first day of kindergarten is exciting for children and their families. It is a new beginning for learning and developing friendships, confidence, and independence. However, it is also normal for children and parents to feel anxious about this new adventure. Osceola Reads is here to help parents and caregivers prepare children for a successful launch into kindergarten.

Is your child ready for their first day of school?

If your child is enrolled in VPK, start by having a conversation with their teacher. By discussing strengths and weaknesses, you can get a better understanding of how to help your child prepare for next school year. Osceola Reads has created a skills checklist  to help guide you. This is a great place to start because once you know what skills your child is struggling with, you can ask their teacher for tips to fill in the gap.

Tips for parents who are getting their kids ready for Kindergarten:

  • Read with your child for at least 15 minutes every day.
  • Sing songs and read rhyming stories with your child.
  • Use the time during daily activities to engage your child in conversations. Ask your child questions that encourage him or her to describe things, events, or feelings.
  • Practice fine motor skills by allowing your child to use scissors, hold a pencil, capping and uncapping markers.
  • Play literacy games to help them identify all letters and begin introducing letter sounds.

Looking for additional resources to help prepare your child for Kindergarten? Visit our Parent Resources page or reach out to us for more information at


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