5 Ways to Turn ‘Loose Parts’ into Fun Classroom Activities

August 9, 2023
5 Ways to Turn ‘Loose Parts’ into Fun Classroom Activities

It’s time to get creative in the classroom! We all have ‘loose parts’ hanging around our homes. From buttons and bottle caps to old containers, it’s stuff we “may need later” but can easily live without. Why not turn those loose parts into fun classroom activities for your students?

In this blog, we'll explore the magic of transforming simple, everyday materials into works of art, making learning an exciting journey for both you and your students. So roll up your sleeves, and let's dive into using loose parts to create fun crafts that will spark your little readers’ creativity!

  1. Create Characters

Is there a story your classroom is currently reading? Maybe a character they love? One of our favorite fun classroom activities we recommend to educators is having your students bring in loose parts and recreate the characters from the books they’re reading. Or, better yet… ask your students how their character would look if they were in the book. This is a great way for students to use their imagination and create something new based on what they are currently reading.

  1. Retell a Story

As your students are reading books as a class, you can develop their language modeling skills by having them retell the story. It would be a great way for them to create their own version of what they feel the story looks like, and you can see how well they remember the story.

To take this a step further, you can divide the class into smaller groups and see how many interpretations you can get! You’ll really get to see firsthand the parts of the story your students absorb and offer effective feedback on other parts they need help remembering.

If your little readers would like even more books at home, tell their guardians about the New Worlds Reading program for free books delivered to their doorstep.

Child testing a orange to see if it will float is a glass cup as part of their fun classroom activities.
  1. Experiment with Buoyancy

Another one of our favorite fun classroom activities you can do with your students will take your upcoming science lesson to the next level! Start by bringing in a bin or small bowl and filling it with water. Then have your class bring in some loose parts from home and have them guess if they think the item will sink or float! It’s a great way for them to think creatively and learn something new along the way.

  1. Create Math Manipulatives

Do you also have multiple small items around your house that you have no idea where they belong to? Well, you’re not alone, as the students in your class also have some loose parts lying around their homes. Consider this a time for them to practice some math problems. It’s as easy as, “If you have two bolts, and John gives you one. How many do you have now?” Keep it simple with addition and subtraction equations. This is practice for them when they have work at home and they can use a visual representation to solve their problems.

Two children stacking items as part of their fun classroom activities.
  1. See How High You Can Stack

This one may be our favorite. From old tissue boxes to plastic containers, see how creative your students can get by seeing who can make the largest tower. They may need some help stacking, but your little readers will see firsthand how high a tower can get before it tumbles down.

All these fun classroom activities have the power to unleash the imagination of your little readers. These loose-parts activities allow your students to show their creativity, express their artistry, and nurture problem-solving skills with a little bit of critical thinking. A perfect way to get them ready for kindergarten.

Share with us how you use loose parts in your classroom by tagging us @OsceolaReads! We can’t wait to see how you encourage your students to explore their endless possibilities.

Do you need more resources for your classroom? Check out our Teacher Resources page to help fill your lesson plans with book recommendations and more fun classroom activities.

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