How to Help My Child to Read: To Kindergarten and Beyond

December 22, 2023
How to Help My Child to Read: To Kindergarten and Beyond

Let’s foster early literacy skills in your little ones! Engaging in simple activities at home plays an important role in their development. These impactful activities are stepping stones to the first day of kindergarten. 

Getting an early start also has great benefits beyond kindergarten. Let's explore some fun and effective strategies to develop early literacy skills!


Read-alouds are a prime way to help your child read! Dive into the enchanting world of storytelling with your little one. Choose a variety of books, from colorful picture books to captivating tales.

Reading aloud enhances language development and introduces your child to new words. Read-alouds are key to their reading development!

Take breaks to discuss the story! Discussing it will encourage comprehension and critical thinking. Ask them questions about the story or what they think will happen next. Make sure they understand and absorb the information.

Through read alouds, it’s important to make this an everyday ritual. Reading 15 minutes daily sets the stage for kindergarten reading. Investing just 15 minutes opens doors to a world of possibilities! This brief but dedicated time lays the foundation for the kindergarten reading curriculum.

Create a Print-Rich Environment

Surround your little reader with written words at home. Label common items, such as the door, fridge, or toy box, to familiarize them with written language. Use alphabet posters, wall decals, or even magnetic letters on the fridge. This will help build letter recognition and early word awareness.

Play Word Games

Transform learning into a playful experience with word games! Integrate these into your daily routine for an easy transition into learning. Infuse phonics for kindergarten readiness. Create a scavenger hunt for items that start with specific phonetic sounds.

Integrating phonics into your word games will provide an engaging learning experience. This will turn learning into an enjoyable and interactive process! Starting with phonics activities will prepare your child for reading in kindergarten

Encourage Drawing and Writing

Provide your child with ample opportunities for self-expression through drawing and writing. Supply them with crayons, markers, and paper, and let their creativity flow. As they draw, encourage them to share their thoughts and ideas. This will promote language expression and communication skills.

Engage in Conversation

Conversing with your child is a powerful way to boost language skills. Encourage them to share their experiences, ask questions, and express their thoughts. Having meaningful conversations promotes comprehension, communication skills, and learning new words. 

All these are essential components of early literacy. Not to mention, they foster confidence! The more you encourage your little one, the more they'll want to take part.

Alphabet Hopscotch

Take learning outdoors with an alphabet-themed hopscotch game. Draw a hopscotch grid and replace the numbers with letters. Call out a letter, and your child hops to that letter while saying its sound. 

This activity combines movement with letter recognition, and it's fun! Combining learning with play will have them looking forward to these lessons.

Visit the Library

Make regular trips to your local library a family tradition. Allow your child to select books that capture their interest. Libraries often host storytime sessions, enhancing social and listening skills. The library is a treasure trove of resources, offering endless opportunities for exploration. 

The library has many wonderful tools to encourage play and literacy. Visit the Osceola Library nearest to you and see everything they have to offer!

Use these engaging activities to help prepare your child for kindergarten! Doing these will also instill in them a lifelong love for learning. Create lasting memories while nurturing the foundation for a bright future.

Let us help you answer the question, “is my child ready for kindergarten?” Visit our resources to prepare your child for the exciting journey to kindergarten! Before you know it, they’ll be able to read 1,000 books before kindergarten.

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