Best Books to Read Over the Summer

May 25, 2022
Best Books to Read Over the Summer

It’s hard to believe that summer is here, and so is our Osceola Reads’ Summer Reading Challenge! Along with the beach trips and soaking up the great Florida sun, we can't forget our 15 minutes of reading every day. Join us as we share our favorite books to read over the summer, just in time to kick off our Summer Reading Challenge on May 29. All these great books can be found at your local Osceola County libraries

Summer by Ailie Busby

There's something special about each season of the year, wherever we live in the world. Follow the adventures of two characters as they discover and explore the unique character of summer, through indoor and outdoor play. This is the perfect introduction to the cycles of the year, and one of our favorite seasons too.  

And Then Comes Summer by Tom Brenner

When the days stretch out like a slow yawn, and the cheerful faces of Johnny-jump-ups jump up… then it’s time to get ready for summer! From flip-flops and hide-and-seek to fireworks and ice-cream trucks, from lemonade stands and late bedtimes to swimming in the lake and toasting marshmallows, there’s something for everyone in this bright and buoyant celebration of the sunny season.

Jabari Jumps by Gaia Cornwall

Jabari is definitely ready to jump off the diving board. He's finished his swimming lessons and passed his swim test, and he's a great jumper, so he's not scared at all. He says it “looks easy” watching the other kids take their turns. He needs to figure out what kind of special jump to do anyway, and he should probably do some stretches before climbing up onto the diving board.

The Croaky Pokey by Ethan Long

Who doesn’t love the hokey pokey? This froggy rendition of the classic song and game will leave you and your child hopping and bopping. Follow an unsuspecting fly suggesting to a group of musical frogs that it’s time to do the Croaky Pokey.  

The Night Before Summer Vacation by Natasha Wing

We all know that feeling. That excitement of your next family vacation brewing in your stomach. In this book by Natasha Wing, a little girl and her family are getting ready to go on vacation, or at least they’re trying to. Something is bound to get overlooked when packing for a family vacation. Can you guess what it might be?

Snowman All Year by Caralyn Buehner 

Who wouldn't want a non-melting snowman? In this fun story by Caralyn Buehner, the young narrator dreams about a snowman who can follow his adventures all year. They would ride roller coasters together and even watch the Fourth of July fireworks. What would you do with your snowman friend? 

Our Summer Reading Challenge starts May 29! With exciting prizes for your child, register today on Beanstack and start reading with our favorite books to read over the summer. You can check out our official rules here

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