Reading Activities to Avoid Summer Reading Loss

May 29, 2024
Reading Activities to Avoid Summer Reading Loss

Ah, summer! It's the perfect time for fun under the sun and cozy under the stars. But it's also a great time to sprinkle some reading magic for our littlest learners. Here are some reading tips for parents with fun reading games and activities. Let’s keep those little minds active and learning all summer long!

How Can You Avoid Summer Reading Loss?

Reading at home is vital to prevent the 'summer slide,' where kids can lose reading skills gained during the school year. This guide will show you how to make reading fun and underscore the importance of reading at home. Make reading time fun, not a chore! Try some of these activities to keep your little one engaged during summer. 

1. Read Alouds

Transform your living room or backyard into a vibrant stage with engaging read-aloud sessions! Dive into stories by using funny voices for characters or dressing up to bring the tales to life. Just 15 minutes of reading a day can significantly boost your child's literacy. You’ll immediately see how it sparks their imagination and strengthens your bond. It’s a fun, impactful way to enrich their day with the magic of books and create lasting memories together.

2. Sight Word Treasure Hunt

For some little readers, books are still a bit advanced. So, let’s engage them with sight words! Ready for a backyard adventure? Write down some easy words on paper and hide them around your place. 

Arm your tiny treasure hunters with a flashlight or magnifying glass to find these words. Every time they find one, help them use it in a sentence. It’s a thrilling way for them to learn new words!

3. Sight Word Bucket Toss

When getting ready for preschool reading, it’s important to touch up on sight words. In this game, each bucket has a different sight word from their favorite little reader books. Parents call out a word, and children aim to toss a ball into the bucket labeled with that word. This engaging game seamlessly blends reading practice with playful action, helping to keep reading fun for young learners!

4. Library Adventures

Join in on the summer reading fun at the Osceola County Library! They’ve got awesome early literacy resources for parents, like LaunchPads and Phonics Kits. Plus, visiting the library can be a special trip where they can pick new books to read this summer! Picking out books they show interest in makes it even more likely they’ll stay engaged during storytime. 

5. Summer Reading Challenge

What better motivation to read all summer than a brand-new Amazon Fire Tablet? Sign up your child for our Summer Reading Challenge for a chance to earn an amazing prize! Log their reading time through Beanstack; the child who reads the most will win! A winner is selected every two weeks throughout the summer, so your little reader has more than one chance to win. 

Summer is the perfect time for making memories and learning in new ways. Start off the challenge with our summer reading list! Then, visit the library to find more summer books to read! With these fun reading activities, your child will laugh, learn, and love books all summer. Visit our blog and parent resource page for more free reading resources! 

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