Summer Reading Tips for Parents

May 9, 2024
Summer Reading Tips for Parents

Summer break is a fantastic time for children to relax and recharge, but it's also vital to keep their reading skills sharp. This can be a challenge, so here are some practical reading tips for parents to help prevent summer reading loss. Let’s make reading a fun part of the summer for your preschooler!

Why Keep Reading All Summer?

Reading at home is crucial to a child’s development. Summer reading maintains literacy skills, reinforces language development, and fosters a lifelong love of books. Without the regular reading routine of school, kids might experience a 'summer slide' in their reading abilities. However, with the right resources and activities, you can turn summer into a season full of learning and adventure.

Reading Tips for Parents

1. Establish a Daily Reading Time

Create a routine by setting aside a specific time each day for reading. Whether after breakfast or right before bedtime, consistency helps make reading a regular part of your child's day. Reading at least 15 minutes a day will ensure they expect and even look forward to reading!

2. Choose Books Together

Visit your local Osceola Library branch! You can follow our suggested summer books to read and find all our preschool reading picks there. Let your child select books that interest them, whether about dinosaurs or fairy tales. 

Having them pick and engage with topics they love will motivate them to read more! The library has infinite choices, so be sure to add their picks to their “Books to Read This Summer” list. 

3. Make Reading Interactive

How to make reading fun? Read together and make it interactive by discussing the story, asking questions, and predicting what might happen next. Use funny voices for characters or reenact some scenes to bring the story to life!

4. Create a Cozy Reading Nook

Set up a special place at home dedicated to reading! A comfortable corner with cushions, good lighting, and easy access to books invites your child to spend time reading.

5. Incorporate Reading in Daily Activities

Show your child that reading is everywhere. Read recipes aloud, look at restaurant menus together, or read road signs while traveling. It's a great way to apply reading to real-life situations! You can even incorporate screen time into your reading plan by using educational reading apps

6. Challenge Them with a Summer Reading Goal

Join our summer reading challenge! This keeps them motivated and eager to reach their reading goal. By reading every day, they have a chance to earn a brand new Amazon Fire tablet! 

7. Explore Books Beyond Text

For younger readers, choose books with interactive elements like textures, flaps to lift, or sounds. These sensory books keep a little reader engaged. It could also help develop a love for books even before they can read by themselves.

8. Stay Engaged with Their Reading

Talk about the books your child is reading! Ask them to tell you about their favorite parts or the new facts they learned. This discussion makes reading a shared activity and shows them that you value their progress. 

9. Don't Forget to Lead by Example

Children imitate adults. Let them see you read. Better yet, let them see you love reading! When your child sees that reading is a valuable part of your life, they'll understand its importance and naturally want to read, too.

10. Use Free Reading Resources

The Osceola Library offers way more than just books! You can check out many early literacy resources for parents. These include phonics kits, Launch Pads, and everything you may need to get your little reader started. We also have a selection of FREE downloadable resources and activities you can do right home!

Summer doesn't have to mean a break from learning, especially reading. With these tips, you can ensure that your child continues to grow their reading skills! When tackling the summer reading list, every book they read gets them ready for kindergarten.

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